Thanks to our creativity, local knowledge and range of resources, our team will ensure that all of the right skills are in place to deliver experiences to increase brand awareness and enhance attendee engagement, whatever the event may be: a new opening, launching new products or setting up a conference.

We organize your corporate event in Italy down to the finest detail: From consultancy organization and optimization, to planning all the way to delivery of Inaugurations, Product launches, Conferences, Meetings, Corporates, Team Building, Incentives and many other types of event.

We are at our client’s full disposal, managing a fully comprehensive, efficient, quality service.

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Meetings &

We organize tailor made corporate events, meetings and conferences in Italy.

Corporate meetings and conferences are important events for businesses and organizations.

Meetings can take various forms such as in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of both, they can be daily or weekly.

Conferences, on the other hand, are larger events that can bring together people from different organizations industries, and countries

With proper planning and execution, they can help organizations achieve their goals, improve their bottom line, and stay ahead of the competition.

We can help you create the meeting or conference best suited to your needs.

Incentives & Team Building

We know the territory: we help you discover the best solutions based on your objectives.

Incentive and team building activities are important for companies to build a positive work environment and foster team cohesion.

Incentive programs aim to motivate employees to perform better by rewarding them for their efforts.

These programs can have various forms such as bonuses, cadeaux, gift cards.

On the other hand, team building activities focus on building relationships and improving communication among team members.

We plan every aspect together to create memorable events, whether in Venice or any city in Italy.


A fully comprehensive, efficient, quality service to make your event a success.

Our customers say

The Event was great. Everything went well:
Location , Service, Guides... everything was perfect.


We all dressed up in venetian costumes and some of our colleagues were very shy, it's amazing how behind a mask you can change the way you are. It really brought out the best of everyone. We had a blast.

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